DU admissions 2017 delayed for a second time


New Delhi: Delhi University (DU) has delayed the registration for online entrance test of several undergraduate and post graduate courses for a second time.

As per The Times of India, this delay is due to some ‘glitches in the system’.

“Our software experts are incorporating these changes into the software as we want glitch free admissions,” TOI quoted Ashutosh Bhardwaj, the officer on special duty for admissions, as saying.

The online registration procedure for undergraduate courses started from May 22 and the registration enrollment for post graduate courses was scheduled from May 31.

However, the procedure was delayed and the date was re-scheduled for June 7.

This date was further delayed and re-arranged for June 12.

The last date for registration for both under graduate and post graduate courses has been declared as June 20.

“We had several glitches in the earlier system. We wanted to make the criteria changes once the system was glitch-free,” Bhardwaj was further quoted as saying.

source Zee News

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