iPhone X Price in India Is 39 Percent Higher Than in the US

iPhone X Price in India Is 39 Percent Higher Than in the US

iPhone X price in India has crossed the Rs. 1 lakh mark, making it the first mainstream smartphone to cross the figure. Till now, the highest price tag for a phone was iPhone 7s Plus 256GB’s Rs. 92,000 at the time of the handset’s launch, but the iPhone X India price tag for the 256GB variant tops that by Rs. 10,000. There is, of course, the 64GB variant that costs Rs. 89,000 but even that is not pocket friendly. The high iPhone X price in India seems even more expensive when you consider the US pricing of the handset, which once again raises the question whether buying it from the US is a better option.

Here’s a comparison between the iPhone X prices in India and the US – as well as those of iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus – to help you get a better idea of how much more expensive in the country compared to Apple’s home market. But before we start the price comparison, we want to clarify that manufacturers have to pay when they import smartphones to a particular country – without fail, you will find that the direct conversion of pricing will show that Indian pricing of the iPhone is higher than in US. We are comparing the prices just to give an idea to the users about the difference, leaving aside fluctuation of exchange rates and purchasing power parity. Also to be noted is that US pricing does not include taxes, roughly 10 percent and varying from state to state. Indian pricing does.

Source:- NDTV

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