Faridabad: Tiff over parking space kills 5, leaves 6 injured; is there any end to parking woes in Delhi-NCR?

Picture for representation | Photo: Reuters

Five people were killed while six have been taken to the hospital, critically injured, due to a tiff over parking space. With more than 1 crore registered vehicles as of January 2017, is there a solution to Delhi-NCR’s parking nightmare?

Five people died and six are critically injured after clashes broke out in a village in Faridabad last night over parking space. Reports said that tensions broke out in Palwali village in Faridabad at around 9:30 PM late Sunday night over parking space. Five men died, while six were admitted in the hospital with critical injuries.

  • An FIR has been registered against 25 people.
  • Delhiites are clearly very sensitive about their parking spaces.

For people living in Delhi-NCR this is not a new incident. Incidents of tussles between neighbours over parking space is not new, but what is worrisome is when these feuds go up to this level.

Parking in Delhi is a huge problem. Infact, the number of registered vehicles in Delhi has crossed the 1 crore mark as of January 2017. Traffic from NCR and neighbouring states mounts to the already increasing traffic and a lack of parking space. Earlier this year, the Delhi administration came up with a draft parking policy for the national capital. As per this, more fees will be levied on the existing parking lots and the free ones will be monetised. But will it help the Delhi’s parking woes?

Delhiites love to park on the road, despite many authorised and multilevel parking spaces available. Owing to that, the latest parking policy also plans to charge people for parking outside their house. There will be extra fees for parking at peak hours. The policy hasn’t been rolled out yet, and how the administration plans to implement it without making the parking condition worse in Delhi is still a mystery.

Source:- Indiatoday In

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