Chinese daily on Indo-US ties: Washington attempting to tie New Delhi to its chariot

The editorial warned India from getting entangled into the US plans that will make the country a mere ‘chess piece for the US’

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The US is trying to make India a pawn in its global designs, indicated China’s state-run daily Global Times. In an editorial published on September 28, the paper opined that ‘Washington is attempting to tie New Delhi to its chariot’.

Chinese media, particularly the Global Times are often seen as the front line of Chinese diplomacy. In recent times they have been quite vocal in criticising India, particularly in view of India’s improving ties with the US. The state-owned paper has used its articles to criticise, threaten and pamper New Delhi on various issues from India’s reluctance to join the OBOR to its policies regarding Japan.

The recent articles questioning India’s ties with the US came following the visit to New Delhi by US Defense Secretary James Mattis. The visit which, along with the aim of improving the bilateral relations, also paved way for the promotion of several defence contracts. This has alarmed Beijing as it considers these exchanges as a policy aimed to contain it.

In two articles that were published last week, Global Times cautioned and criticised India for its improving ties with the US. In the first article titled ‘US should not determine India’s status in Asia’ the publication warned India from getting entangled into the US plans that according to it will make the country a mere ‘chess piece for the US’. While criticising India’s distrust of China and non-participation in OBOR initiative as lack of self-confidence, it also warned India that relying on weapons supplied by the US will not counter-balance China.

“If New Delhi is incited to help Washington “balance” Beijing with these weapons, it will have a worrying financial condition and future,” the paper wrote.

The article also cited the example of the Doklam stand-off and said that India and China can solve their problems peacefully without any external help. In another opinion piece by Yang Siling titled ‘India-US defense cooperation: much cry and little wool’ the paper wrote extensively detailing why the India-US co-operation will not become a success.

It cites ideological differences between countries’ policies and US relationship with Pakistan. Slamming the relationship further, the write-up said that the Indo-US relation will not gain any real success in the long term.

The articles showcase the threat felt by Beijing towards the rising significance of India in the global arena along with its increasing bonhomie with the US.
Source:- Money Control

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