Chhattisgarh police arrests former BBC journalist from Delhi NCR

Chattisgarh Police have reportedly arrested a former BBC journalist Vinod Verma from his residence in Indrapuram in Uttar Pradesh. Although no official reasons have been given behind the arrest, some reports said that Verma’s arrest has been in connection with a ‘sting on minister.’

Journalists and critics were quick to register their protests against the arrests on social media. AAP leader Ashutosh called the development ‘attack on press.’ He wrote, “Vinod Verma Ex BBC n Amar Ujala Digital Editor has been picked up most mysteriously by UP N Chhatttisgarh Police 3:30 am. Attack on press?”

Journalist Urmilesh said, “Sr Journalist, Vinod Verma(formerly with BBC) was picked up last night at 3 AM by UP and Chattisgarh Police. Emergency days are here!”

Verma was in BBC Hindi for several years before joining Hindi newspaper Amar Ujala, where he worked until very recently. He had traveled to Chhattisgarh representing the Editors’ Guild of India to examine the challenges of reporting from the strife torn state.

Source:- Jantaka Reporter

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