Smog Envelops Delhi NCR; Situation To Persist

smog post

Delhiites woke up to a smoky morning today. In fact, the smoggy weather has been persisting over Delhi and NCR from past few days. Despite a ban on the sale of crackers before Diwali, the air contamination levels break down in the National Capital Region tremendously. This smoky weather has once again refreshed the memories of the ‘Great Smog of Delhi’ that the city went through last year from November 1 to November 9. Battling against the rising pollution levels by Delhi and its adjoining Noida, Ghaziabad, Faridabad, and Gurugram has now become one of the major concerns but the air quality has been deteriorating day by day.

The reason for the layer of smog that has enveloped most parts of Delhi and NCR these days can be attributed to the pollution levels due to various factors that have been affecting the region. The stubble burning procedure that is being carried out in a vast majority in the adjoining states of Punjab and Haryana is also one of the major contributors to the deteriorating air quality.

As per Skymet Weather, presently, calm and light to very light winds are blowing over Delhi and NCR. Due to the light speed winds, the pollutants are not able to get dispersed and thus remain over the region. By the afternoon hours, the light winds from the northwest direction will start prevailing. These winds will further carry the pollutants from stubble burning to reach over Delhi and NCR.

Apart from this, the temperatures across Delhi and adjoining areas are also dropping leading to the formation of shallow fog in isolated pockets of the city. Due to this, a smog layer can be seen during the morning hours over the areas. Despite being a sunny day, the haziness will block the bright sunshine the city might have been witnessing in the absence of smog.

The similar weather pattern is likely to continue for the rest of the day over parts of Delhi, Noida Faridabad, and Gurugram. The weather will continue to remain hazy and as of now no improvement in the smoggy weather conditions can be expected for at least another 3-4 days. Any chances of improvement can be anticipated only when the moderate winds from the northwest direction will start prevailing thus fading away from the smog layer.

Source:- Skymet Weather

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