Bigg Boss 11,Episode 37 turns a battle ground for Akash and Benafsha leading to a ugly fight between the duo

Bigg Boss 11 starts with Bandgi and Puneesh getting cozy with each other. Akash comes and apologises to Puneesh for some comments he had made in the past and Shilpa teases Vikas. Hina is discussing with Hiten, Priyank and Luv that how Bandgi and Puneesh are getting cozy every night. Hiten states that they will face their families back home and the housemates have nothing to do with it. Hina says that Bandgi is totally infatuated by him.

Exteriors Bigg Boss 11 House - Dining Room

Further, Bandgi discusses how Benafsha dresses indecently and Hina tells Luv that Akash called Benafsha stinking and unhygienic. Later, Luv tells Hina that Bandgi is targeting Benafsha. Hina says that it is unfair to see how the girls are ganging up against Benafsha. Sapna tells Hina that that she has heard Akash making comments about girls’ bodies. She also says that Shilpa is defending him.  Benafsha tells Hina that she likes to sleep in different clothes and does not like boys lifting up her blanket just like that. Towards the afternoon, Akash does some funny antics and everyone laughs. He touches Hina and she gets annoyed.

Puneesh tells Bandgi that he is going mad inside the house. When she asks the reason, he whispers something in his ears. Hina discusses with Priyank and Benafsha how Puneesh and Bandgi were sleeping together in the night. She hints that they might have taken their intimacy too far. Arshi talks about how hot Hiten is and Vikas makes fun of her whereas Hiten ignores her. Arshi says her father will be scandalised seeing all this. Seeing Benafsha’s behaviour, Shilpa says she has lost it.

Akash tells Benafsha that she begs daily on a TV show. He calls her crazy and stinking. She criticizes his upbringing. Akash tells Arshi that Benafsha was banging the door when he was inside the washroom and Vikas says that there is no difference between Benafsha and Shilpa, who, Vikas feels is encouraging such a behaviour. Hina tells Vikas to make Benafsha understand that what she is doing is wrong. Priyank says that Akash was talking badly about Benafsha and that he will not spare anyone who spoke to girl like that. Hina says that Benafsha is embarrassed. Later, Priyank makes Benafsha understand that she needs to fight. He said that he and Hina have put people in their place.

Bandgi tells Puneesh that Hina is very insecure and too particular about her clothes. He says that she is wearing all free clothes unlike them. Puneesh asks Hina why they are reacting so late to all that. Puneesh tells Akash that Hina has raked up the joke of him calling Benafsha flat screen TV and former asks Hina why they are reacting so late to such comments. Vikas appears fed up and says these things need to be raised properly. Priyank and Akash have an argument where the former tells him to apologise. Benafsha says that she has clarified that she sleeps in nightie and has told the boys not to step on her bed. Arshi says that the real villain of this season is Hina.

Vikas tells Akash that he was wrong to make comments on Benafsha’s body. Arshi says she also makes remarks on boy’s bodies. Mehjabi tells everybody to behave as it is Salman Khan’s show. Hina says that Akash makes bad comments about women. Benafsha says that Puneesh told her so but he denies. A huge fight breaks out between Puneesh and Priyank and the housemates separate them. Akash and Bandgi call Benafsha a liar. Benafsha, in an infuriated state, tells Akash that he will be kicked. She pulls his hair and he complains to Bigg Boss. Hina lashes out at Akash saying he is badly bred and needs a psychiatrist.

Puneesh calls Priyank a bhikhari (beggar) celeb. When the fight dies down, Bandgi tells Puneesh that he needs to behave and takes him in the washroom area, away from everybody. Later, Priyank tells Hina that Puneesh attacked him. Bandgi tells him that she cannot manage him all alone and weeps on her shoulders. Shilpa tells Arshi that Benafsha showed everyone  her ‘class’ when she pulled his hair. Hina yells at Shilpa and says she cannot understand how Shilpa supports such a behaviour. Vikas says that people are desperate for footage. Akash calls Priyank and Luv Hina’s dogs to which the latter gets extremely angry and tells Akash not to take her name. They have an argument where Priyank and Luv support Hina. Hina warns Akash not to come near him but Akash keeps irritating her.

Later, Luv, Benafsha and Hina taunt Shilpa and Arshi. Luv tells Shilpa that how on one hand, Akash calls her a mother figure and on the other hand, talks about her figure. Hina taunts Akash that how Salman Khan insults him week after week. And in the midst of this ‘battlefield’, Shilpa is seen all alone weeping in the washroom.

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