Bigg Boss 11 November 22 full episode written update: Arshi Khan and Hina Khan get into a huge fight

Bigg Boss 11 November 22 written update

Missed last night’s Bigg Boss 11 episode? Read all the highlights from the latest episode of India’s most controversial reality show aired on Colors.

  • Priyank gets angry with Arshi. He says, “I am done with this woman.”
  • Hina cries and says Arshi is saying wrong things about her.
  • Arshi remarks that Hina might have misinterpreted Sabyasachi’s statement.
  • Hina says to Arshi that she is portraying her wrongly in front of the cameras.
  • Arshi and Hina get into an argument.
  • Arshi hits back at Hina saying she accused her of flirting with everyone. Hina says it is part of the task. Arshi says, “When you blame me then it’s a task but when I talk about you then it’s personal.”
  • Arshi yells at Priyank. She says, “I will disrespect you in such a way that you won’t be able to handle it. Women will spit on your face for disrespecting women.”
  • Arshi adds, “I will tear my clothes. Your dad didn’t buy them for me. Let me say what you did.”
  • Priyank challenges Arshi to say what he did.
  • Arshi threatens Priyank that she will beat him with her slippers.
  • Arshi cries and hides her face in the bed. Akash tries to calm her down.
  • Arshi and Priyank war of words continues.
  • Arshi remarks that Priyank roams around the house without clothes. She says, “Aren’t we ashamed? Our brothers don’t roam around in shorts.”
  • Puneesh and Bandgi instigate Arshi aganist Hina. They reveal that Hina said that when she leaves the house she will see Arshi’s clip.
  • Hina and Arshi get into a fight.
  • Hiten dances with Shilpa and Arshi.
  • Hina and Sapna talk about Puneesh. They agree that Puneesh was the one who started the age issue.
  • Hina goes to the kitchen and asks Shilpa about her breakfast.
  • Shilpa says that they are not Hina’s servants that they will wait for her.
  • Hina tells Shilpa that it is her duty to cook and she should have at least informed her.
  • Hina cries in the washroom.
  • Shilpa jokes about her family.
  • Both the teams discuss their strategies.
  • Hina tells Vikas about Arshi tearing her clothes off in the house which makes her uncomfortable.
  • Vikas says that Priyank also walks in his underwear and rules are same for everyone.
  • Vikas accsues Hina of being the reason behind Hiten and Arshi’s separation.
  • Vikas says that Hina didn’t try to stop anyone from fighting instead she supports her team.
  • Hina proves her point by crying.
  • Shilpa tries to make fun of her tears.
  • Arshi says that Hina talked about her clothes with Benafsha and Luv.
  • Hina’s team wins this session.
  • Hina says she can’t take it anymore. Hina adds that she is losing herself in this house.


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