Police partner with app-based bus service

To increase awareness about safety and security of women in the Capital

In a step aimed at increasing awareness about the safety and security of women, the Delhi Police on Thursday partnered in a joint campaign with app-based bus service Shuttl.

Buses flagged off

Depender Pathak, Special Commissioner of Police (Traffic) and chief Delhi Police spokesperson, flagged off 25 buses at Rajghat Gate. These buses are part of phase one of a batch of 100 such vehicles scheduled to be rolled out.

Mr. Pathak said, “The Delhi Police has and will continue to make Delhi safe for women, to live, work and travel within the city. We will continue to partner, in any way possible, with credible organisations in this regard.”

The app-based service has begun displaying on a fleet of 350 buses messages on women’s safety related to Himmat app, women’s helpline number 1091and Sashakti training, among other initiatives.

“Messages on women empowerment and anti-terrorism are displayed on both the sides of the buses in addition to a poster on the Himmat app inside. More than 30,000 people travel aboard Shuttle buses daily and the initiative will help boost downloads of Himmat app,” the police said in a statement.

Source:- The Hindu


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