Indian ride-hail player Ola just launched its own dock-less bike-sharing service

Most Companies on-demand transportation world are attempting to solve for the first- and last-mile problems many people face in urban areas. How, for example, do you get from your New York City subway stop to your actual destination?

Most companies typically offer a single solution. For ride-hail companies, it’s usually on-demand cars and sometimes motorcycles, depending on the country. For bike-sharing companies, it is strategically placed bikes. But now, India’s homegrown ride-hail player Ola is experimenting with offering both cars and bikes to its growing user base across the country.

While it’s just a pilot and is only available on a number of campuses at first, Pedal opens up a world of opportunity around multi-modal transportation for the company. The bike-sharing app allows Ola users to bike to a place where it’s more convenient or cheaper for an Ola driver to pick them up. It’s also true for getting to a destination a car can neither take you to easily — because of congestion or other impediments — nor take you there affordably.

Source:- Recode

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