Airline directed to pay Rs 50000, for the inedible object found in food, to the flyer


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Neighbourhood News Desk/Vidhi Singh: Jet Airways was directed to pay Rs 50000 to one of its passenger after  a button is found in the lunch served to him, by the local customer court.

Hemant Desai, a passenger, who was travelling from Delhi to Ahmedabad in business class of the airline on August 6, 2014.While he was  having lunch which was served to him in flight, he found a button in his garlic bread to which he raised the issue with the crew. The company tried to settle the issue, but failed. Later on the passenger sued the company  for 3 Lakhs.

Desai substantiated his complaint with an affidavit by a Member of Parliament, Parimal Nathwani, who was travelling on the same flight.

The company tried to settle with him but he refused to settle the issue and keep on declining the apology issued by the company.
Not providing quality service in business class after charging high reflects company’s attitude to earn money only. Besides ordering the airline to pay Rs 50,000 towards pain and agony caused to the passengers, the court also asked it to pay him Rs 5,000 towards his legal expenses.

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