Delhi’s air quality improves but still ‘severe’, PM content below emergency mark

As the sun came out and the winds picked up speed in Delhi, visibility also showed signs of improvement.

Neighbourhood News Desk/Avi Arya:  On Friday morning, at around 8 am, the Air Quality Index had come down to 418 after having shot up to 469 on Thursday. An AQI value above 400 on a scale of 0 – 500 is interpreted as ‘severe’ pollution. The levels of particulate matter — PM 10 and PM 2.5 — also saw significant improvement.

The concentration of PM 10 in the air dropped to 386 ug/m3 at around 8 am on Friday from around 499 ug/m3 around 1 pm on Thursday. The level of PM2.5 also dropped from 321 ug/m3 to 239 ug/m3 around the same time. If PM 10 and PM2.5 hits 500 and 300 it is considered as ‘emergency’.

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