Buying car accessories at traffic signals can get you a Rs 1000 fine

A look at the list of traffic offences includes several activities that motorists are unaware of. For example, driving without a wiper carries a fine of Rs 100 for the first offence and Rs 300 for any repeat violation; and if his speed gauge on the car is not working, the violator may even have to appear in court.

Neighbourhood News Desk/Avi Arya: Ever purchased a car accessory from a hawker at a traffic signal? Sometimes roll down your car window at a traffic junction to give a few pennies to a beggar? Rear seat of your car have a DVD screen for your child? Motor Vehicles Act classifies all activities as traffic violations that carry on-the-spot fines up to Rs 1,000 or even a court challan. But since many of these little-known offences are overlooked by the traffic police or are difficult to prosecute, most people are unaware of these laws.

Delhi Police gets ready to crack down on crash guards and bull bars installed in cars — an offence that will carry a fine of Rs 1,000. Traffic police are yet to get a notification from the central government on the violation. Delhi Police’s traffic chief, special commissioner of police Dependra Pathak, said these campaigns are planned from time to time, not to punish but to make motorists aware of the law and of the dangers associated with such violations.


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