Poor Indian Farmer Shocked After Finding A Buried ‘Treasure’ In His Own Land

Neighbourhood News Desk/Avi Arya: One morning of the incident, Dalbir, 46, was preparing soil in the new part of the his farm for the next year. Doing the usual preparation, however in the middle of the field, his shovel hit something hard. He continued digging and all of a sudden found a bag of gold coins and some cash.

According to Dalbir, ‘When I saw it, I thought it was a wasp. I got a flash of yellow and threw it back but then I realized what it was,’ he said. He was confused because he used this part of the land few years back for a batch of crops, was impossible that he did not discover this bag of treasure earlier. Jaspir admitted that he was the one who hid the bag of ‘treasure’ in the field for his father to find. He initially wanted his father to find the bag of treasure as a thank you for raising him all these years. The bag was just half of his winnings. ‘He deserves it the most because he has been the provider of the family all these while after mom passed away, working endlessly in this farm just to support us. I hope that he can now relax and enjoy life more with the money.’ teared Jaspir.


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