Lost and found 3 cars in 3 years, Delhi businessman hopes to be 4th time lucky

On average, 105 cars are stolen in Delhi every day. But this may be the only case of a person being a victim of car theft four times over a short span.

Neighbourhood News Desk/Avi Arya: A south Delhi businessman is a victim of car thefts four times in the last three years, police say that on Sunday as investigators search for his Renault Duster, which was stolen from outside a gym in Lajpat Nagar’s K block on January 30. On first three occasions, cars were found though the thieves were caught only once.

Victim, 50-year-old textile dyer and finisher Deepak Pandoi, is now hoping to be fourth-time lucky. This January 30, Pandoi parked his new Duster outside a gym, walked up the stairs, and deposited the car keys at the reception. The police said that the thief’s face has been seen on CCTV footage, and efforts are on to identify the suspect.


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