Delhi man kills family friend for doing ‘black magic’ on his sister

Vikash, 25, had been lodged in jail since 2014 for another murder. He was out on interim bail, officials said.

Neighbourhood News Desk/Avi Arya: A murder accused allegedly stabbed a family friend to death in south Delhi’s Badarpur after an astrologer told him that “black magic” had led to his sister’s recent suicide is out of jail on Interim Bail. 40-year-old victim, Rakesh Pardeshi, was allegedly stabbed 10 times in his sleep by Vikash on Monday, hours before the latter was supposed to return to jail after completing his bail period.

“Convinced that the person performing the black magic was Rakesh, Vikash decided to kill him. Since Vikash was to return to jail on February 19, he tried to plan the murder in such a way that he would not be a suspect,” Biswal said. Vikash allegedly found Rakesh sleeping in an auto-rickshaw parked on the roadside in Badarpur around 1 am on Monday.

When the local police found the body, they began probing multiple possibilities before zeroing down on Vikash. “The accused cited his claim to innocence by claiming he was preparing to return to jail. But we questioned him because his sister had shared a strained relationship with Rakesh. He initially denied any involvement, but eventually confessed to the murder,” Biswal said.


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