Undetected, man’s body rots in tunnel of Delhi Metro airport line for months

The DMRC said the area where the body was found is away from the tracks.

Neighbourhood News Desk/Avi Arya: Man’s decomposed body was found inside a highly protected tunnel of the Delhi Metro’s airport line between the New Delhi and Shivaji Stadium stations, bringing to light a possible security breach. Police say that the body had been there for at least four-five months as it was reduced to bones, but couldn’t explain how and cause of death.

(DMRC) staff noticed the body in the early hours of February 9, when train operations had ended and they were on a routine track inspection. As the officials got close to the passage between two tracks, they encountered a foul smell. Close to the shaft that opened to the ground level, they found the highly decomposed body.

Delhi police have launched an investigation and a senior officer said possible loopholes in security need to be plugged. “It is difficult to find from where the man entered. We have preserved the DNA samples and are checking if anyone from the area near the New Delhi station is missing. Once the body is identified, the cause of death can be established,” said a police officer. No case has been filed yet.


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