Woman attempts suicide in Ghaziabad, asks 10-year-old daughter to follow mid financial crisis

A 35-year-old woman slashed her wrist and later on told her 11-year-old daughter to commit suicide. The girl hanged herself to a ceiling fan and died. Her mother is lodged at a hospital in Ghaziabad

Neighbourhood News Desk/Avi Arya: 35-year old woman who faces financial crunch attempts suicide by slashing her wrists and asking her 10-year old Daughter to do the same at their 19th floor flat at Mahagun Puram high-rise in Ghaziabad. Police say that on Sunday morning they found that the mother survived while the daughter unfortunately died.According to police, the woman divorced her husband and is from Chandigarh. Later she shifted to Ghaziabad.

The police say that the mother-daughter duo stayed at the flat alone and couldn’t celebrate the girl’s birthday on Saturday. She also informed her friend Vikram of her intentions of committing suicide. Vikram did not take her calls despite repeated attempts and disconnected. He arrived and rushed the two victims in a neighbour’s car to a hospital where the girl was declared brought dead while the woman was stated to be in a critical condition.


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