Here’s how you can give your home a Victorian makeover

White lace curtains lend an elegant look to the house.

Neighbourhood Lifestyle Desk/Avi Arya:  First thought that comes to mind when one thinks of lace is vintage elegance — stories of Victorian high teas with women busying themselves with happenings of the day. Gone are the times, when lace would be used solely for wedding gowns and shop window displays. Now, this dainty timeless fabric is making its presence felt in home decor stronger than ever.

Lace has the ability to turn ordinary decor items unusual and stylish. Easy to maintain, durable and viable, lace makes for an all-seasons decor item. Here are some simple tips from decor experts so that you, too, can become masters of the lace universe:

HOW TO USE IT:When it comes to lace, you can use it anywhere that your heart fancies. From curtains to teapots and light fixtures to ceilings — think it and you can do it.

CHOOSE THE FABRIC WISELY:If you plan to use lace in combination with another fabric, keep in mind its durability and strength. Fabrics like nylon and polyester are good to go with lace, when it comes to home furnishing.

MAINTENANCE:Lace is a low-maintenance fabric and can be cleaned simply by washing it with hands. But depending on the fabrics you’re using it in combination with, some lace decor pieces might require dry-cleaning.


•Turn old and discarded glass bottles into pieces of art by draping them with lace trimmings. Fill them with fairy lights and you’ve got yourself an enchanting bedside lamp.

•Take ceramic plates and bowls, place patches of lace in any pattern you so desire, and hang them on walls.

•Vases and pots, too, can be given a lacy makeover. Take small pots in any shape, line them with lace and hang them along the length of the balcony.

•Use lace along lampshades to give them a very Victorian makeover. You can also use lace around candle holders.


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