Self-driving cars is tested by fatality

Burned out flares lie at the location where a woman pedestrian was struck and killed by an Uber self-driving sport utility vehicle in Tempe, Arizona, U.S., March 19, 2018.

Neighbourhood Technology Desk/Avi Arya: Controversy appears to follow Uber Technologies’ autonomous-driving project at every turn. It has been the subject of a trade-secrets lawsuit and scrutiny from investors for exorbitant costs. Now the programme is at the center of a moral quandary over the use of self-driving technology on public roads after one of its vehicles struck and killed a woman this week in Tempe, Arizona.

The additional scrutiny on Uber is unlikely to push Khosrowshahi to reevaluate the program. One likely change: more partnerships. Lyft Inc., Uber’s biggest U.S. rival, has landed alliances with Ford Motor Co., Magna International Inc., General Motors Co. and Alphabet. As a result, Lyft’s research and development costs are much lower.


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