Smokers tend to have unhealthier diets than non-smokers

The finding suggested that any amount of cigarette consumption could be associated with poorer diet quality.

Neighbourhood Lifestyle Desk/Avi Arya: Smokers have worse quality diets than former smokers or non-smokers, a new research has found. According to a Biomed Central-led study, smokers consumed around 200 more calories a day, despite eating significantly smaller portions of food, than non-smokers or former smokers.Study was conducted by Jacqueline Vernarelli and R. Ross MacLean on 5293 American adults.

Researchers also found that former smokers consumed more calories per gram of food (1.84kcal/g) than those who had never smoked, but the former smokers’ dietary energy density was still significantly lower than that of current smokers.They also suggested that a diet low in energy density could help prevent weight gain after quitting smoking.




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