Driver Arrested After Faking Rs. 14 Lakh Robbery With Self-Inflicted Wounds

Driver Arrested After Faking Rs 14 Lakh Robbery With Self-Inflicted Wounds

Neighbourhood News Desk/Avi Arya:  Businessman’s driver was arrested after he faked a robbery in which he claimed Rs. 14 lakh was snatched from him by unidentified bikers after they attacked him, police told news agency IANS. Ramu Poddar, 29, had gone to Ankit Metals in Friends Colony on Sunday to collect money on behalf of his employer Satya Narayan Bhutani. Driver had hid the money in his house in Shahdara and later on went to an underpass in Kasturba Nagar and inflicted wounds upon him.

Poddar told the police that four bikers robbed him of the money and mobile phone at knife point. Doubting his story, police took him to a doctor who said that the wounds may be self-inflicted. Poddar in the end confessed to his crime and said that he was in need of money. He was then arrested and the money was officially recovered from his house.


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