Here’s what these celebs do to stay fit and healthy

Actor Swwapnil Joshi chooses between yoga, cardio, weight training and cycling for his fitness regimen

Neighbourhood Lifestyle Desk/Avi Arya: Staying fit and maintaining a regimen can be tough and challenging. And more so, if you have erratic working hours and schedules. Actors have long shooting hours, travels and irregular meal times. In all of this, there are certain celebrities who make it a point to follow a strict fitness regimen. We bring some of these fitness freaks to you.

Swwapnil Joshi
I choose a different workout everyday, for example, I pick between yoga, cardio, weight training or cycling. Also, after three days of physical activity I take one day break. I exercise six days a week.

Diet: I make it a point to drink three-four litres of water every day. I also follow a schedule of eight hours of sleep and six meals a day. Your diet should be such that it can become a lifestyle, if it doesn’t then it is merely a fad and you should not follow it. I have a simple formula, ask yourself, ‘Did my grandparents eat it?’ If the answer is no, don’t eat it. If your answer is yes, then happily eat it.


Devdatta Nage

My fitness regimen involves cycling and I have been a fan of cycles since childhood. When ever I am at my Alibaug’s residence I do my cycling on by the beach. I am regular with cardio, weight training and cycling.

Diet: Homemade food is the best diet as you can always monitor and control the contents such as oil, carbs etc. I concentrate on my protein intake during whole day as it supports muscle growth.


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