Bracelets, cuffs or finger rings? Stay in tune with these jewellery trends

Mix and match so that you have an interesting jewellery collection.

Neighbourhood Lifestyle Desk/Avi Arya: Take a break from traditional jewellery pieces and try trendy accessories like tasselled earrings and over-sized hoops.

Tanul Jain, owner of Carat Pearl, and Narendra Kumar, Creative Head, Amazon Fashion, have some suggestions:

1. Fringed and tasselled jewellery: You can team up a fringed or tasselled earing with a simple jeans and a top and your look would go from simple to chic. This trend has given the fashion world a colourful transformation.

2. Layered necklace: You can start by just wearing different necklaces of different length together and then gradually add different pendants to the chains. The latest trend is teaming up long length chains with chokers.

3. Bracelets and cuffs: Mix and match to make it exclusive. It isn’t as complicated as it looks. Balance the look by choosing one key colour and fusing secondary colours as part of the stack.

4. Over-sized hoops: Extravagant hoop earrings are a great way to accessorize a basic ensemble. Available in various styles and designs. Pairing it with anything from skater dress to a simple pair of jeans would just add the oomph factor to your appearance.

5. Finger rings: Bohemian rings for your hippie chic outfits, ring bands for your casual outings, stone-studded versions for your fancy evenings and stackable rings can get the job done for any occasion without much fuss.

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