Sanju (pictured) started living on pavements and hiding in empty water tanks of government flats at a very young age to avoid being arrested after his father disowned him.

Neighbourhood News Desk/Avi Arya: The ‘uncrowned crown prince’ of the city’s gangsters is back. Released from a four-year stint in jail three months ago, 25-year-old Sanju (alias Sanjay), the ringleader of Firebrand Gang :- A notorious ‘burgle-and-burn gang’ has racked up a substantial number of crimes, including burglaries, thefts and armed robberies. He has been arrested in three cases:- an armed robbery committed on January 25 this year, a failed robbery bid on February 11, and the possession of a pistol and three cartridges with the intent of attempting his modus operandi in a government flat in Sarojini Nagar committed on December 18 last year.

But the fact that he has been bailed out quickly (in less than a month) in one case and that the charges against him in the other two cases are not enough to keep him behind bars has been haunting south Delhi’s Sarojini Nagar, RK Puram and Kotla Mubarakpur police.