How students across India reacted after the exam

Students coming out after appearing in JEE main online examination in Bhopal on Sunday.

Neighbourhood News Desk/Avi Arya: Students, who appeared in the JEE main online exam 2018 on Sunday, gave a mixed response while talking about the difficulty level of the examination:-


A class 12 student from Bhopal, Shivam Pandey said, “The paper was of moderate level. The paper had equal weight-age of class 11 and 12 syllabus. Some questions of mathematics were difficult and time consuming.”

A class 12 student, Sujata Saxena said, “I found difficulty in attempting questions of physics and organic chemistry, but overall, the paper was a balanced one. I am happy that I did it comfortably without any technical problem.”


Avinash Priyam, who appeared in the exam at the Tata Consultancy Centre in Dhanbad, said, “Chemistry, which used to be tough earlier, was easy this year.”

Priyam, a class 12 student of Delhi Public School (DPS), Dhanbad, said, “Overall the papers were average, which were neither tough nor easy.”


“The online JEE Main question paper was comparatively easier to the offline mode as calculations of questions of mathematics besides theorem-based questions in physics were less time consuming. I attempted all questions in mathematics and physics, but could not attempt all 30 questions in Chemistry,” said Abhishek Mishra, who appeared in the online exam at United College of Engineering and Research, Allahabad.


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