Lose weight faster, follow 5 easy ways to boost metabolism

A high-intensity workout in a short period of time will do wonders for your metabolic rate.

Neighbourhood Lifestyle Desk: Thanks to our modern day lifestyle, a sluggish metabolism is increasingly common. When your metabolism levels are low, you feel fatigued all the time, have trouble concentrating and are lacking in vigour. Having decreased levels of metabolism also puts you on the fast track to diabetes, high cholesterol and cardiovascular diseases. Dr Abhishek Subhash, General Physician, Bhatia Hospital, Mumbai shares tips on how to boost metabolism:

Examine your diet

Consuming protein-rich foods steps up your metabolism. Protein helps you build muscles. Go for lean meats like fish and chicken, pulses, almonds and walnuts. Vegetarians and vegans can include more of legumes, pulses, whole grains, soy bean and soy milk, and tofu in their diet.

Sip on beverages

Green tea is said to increase your metabolism by 4%. A couple of cups a day should be enough to reap the benefits. The caffeine in your coffee is also a good source to increase your metabolism rate.

Exercise is not optional

A high-intensity workout in a short period of time will do wonders for you. Cross fit is the best form of exercise here but you can also opt for functional training or calisthenics. BMR basically affects the rate that a person burns calories. Along with exercise, it’s mandatory that you also spend some time weight training.

Use coconut oil to cook

Previously coconut oil was thought to be evil but now people have realized that it’s good for you. Even Western chefs are incorporating it in their dishes. Coconut oil contains medium trans fat, and fatty chains help you build your metabolism rate.

Change your lifestyle

Get at least six to seven hours of sleep. Find a way to relieve personal and professional stress – be it through seeing a therapist, doing yoga or practicing meditation. If you lead a sedentary lifestyle, make sure you walk more, or at least take the stairs.


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