Cure for seasonal cough and cold, from ginger tea to eucalyptus oil, more

There are around 200 viruses which can cause common cough and cold.

Neighbourhood Lifestyle Desk: It may be peak summer but you could still be suffering from common cough and cold. Seasonal change is harsh on the body, and irrespective of the temperature, you may be suffering from a runny nose, fever, cough and congestion all year round. Being a viral infection, common cold is a self-limiting condition that lasts for 5-7 days. If it is caused by bacteria, a treatment of antibiotics may also be prescribed. It can also be triggered by an allergic reaction.

Simple 10-minute decoctions to make at home for relief:

Boil water with ginger, raw turmeric stems, tulsi (basil), adulsa leaves, lemongrass and pepper. Add honey or sugar for taste after straining. Drink it when warm.
(Courtesy: Dr Raut)

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