For healthier, sweeter than sugar option, try the low-calorie monk fruit

Monk fruit is a natural sweetener.

Neighbourhood Health Desk: You’ve heard of stevia and agave, the popular sugar substitutes that have been lapped up by fitness freaks. The latest craze among health conscious folks is the monk fruit sweetener.

What’s monk fruit?

Is also known lo han guo which is native to south east Asia. Sweetener is extracted after removing the seeds and skin by crushing the fruit and collecting its juice. What makes it highly popular is the fact that it is 100-250 times sweeter than sugar, so even a very little quantity goes a long way. But the best part is that sweetener made from monk fruit has zero calories, making it an apt choice for fitness lovers. “Monk fruit also contains a powerful antioxidant known as magrosides,” says Parshant Wadhawan, consulting nutritionist, Viiking Trance fitness by Sachiin Joshi.

Is monk fruit safe and healthy?

Yes, it is safe to be consumed. There have been many studies conducted so far and the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has reviewed these published research papers and deemed monk fruit as safe.


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