Before and after exercise, here’s what to eat for stamina, weight loss

For weight loss and stamina increase, eat foods that are simpler to digest if you are eating half an hour before starting the exercise.

Neighbourhood Health Desk: Do you hit the gym regularly and follow a healthy diet? Yet your efforts may go to waste if you don’t eat the right things before and after the workout. If your’e confused about what to eat before, during and after your workout, we offer you a nutritionist-recommended guide on how to plan it:

Before the workout

You must keep a gap of at least 20 minutes to half-an-hour between the meal and the exercise session.This type of fitness routine you are following will also determine the diet. For strength training, you need more protein which will be converted into amino acids to be used by the body to repair or build muscles. For cardio routines, you need a good carbohydrate intake with some protein to balance the calories and give you instant energy to power through the workout.

After the workout

Post a workout session, you need to ensure you consume proteins and carbohydrates to repair muscles, replenish glycogen stores and reduce post-workout DOMS. Hydration is a key factor as a significant amount of water is lost through sweat during the workout. But drinking water immediately afterwards is not recommended as it will cool off the body instantly. You must slowly rebuild the water loss after a workout.

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