Summer holiday packing trick, this is how you can be light on yourself

Here are the tricks to travel light.

Neighbourhood Lifestyle Desk: Flight tickets, check. Visa, check. Now the only thing left to do is get all your fashionable picks together and pack your bags for your summer vacation. However, in the excitement of planning our vacations, we often ignore the essential care our skin and hair need during changing environment.

Travelling light is an advantage, so you need items that are compact and portable. Get yourself a spacious shoulder bag and two small, plastic lined cases, for your toilet and make-up. Your beauty aids should be within easy reach, so that you can freshen up your make-up and alight from your journey looking well groomed.Have your waxing done just before you leave for your holiday. A short hairdo that you can just brush and arrange would be good, while for long hair, take along headband and hair clips, to keep your hair tidy.Apart from sunscreen, you need skin and hair care essentials, like cleanser, moisturiser, leave-on conditioner and hair serum.


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