Brussels is gorgeous during spring. 6 best places to visit

Head to Brussels to witness breathtaking views.

Neighbourhood Lifestyle Desk: If you want to experience Mother Nature in all her glory, Brussels is where you need to be. Sunbeams pierce the sky while birds chirp, spring has arrived in Flanders.  Here are six of the best locations to discover Brussels:

Meise Botanical Garden

Just outside of the capital, you can find a green patchwork of plants 18,000 of them to be precise. In the spring, the budding flowers in Brussels’ Meise Botanical Garden provide a colourful spectacle.

Tervuren Park

A stately avenue dotted with ponds, flower beds and artworks forms the green carpet to Tervuren Park – also known as Warande.

Royal Greenhouses of Laeken

Want to visit one of the most beautiful gardens in Brussels? You can find it hidden behind the Royal Palace. Every spring, the Royal Family opens its greenhouses to the public.


Something magical happens here every spring: thousands of bluebells (hyacinths) come into bloom displaying their deep purple and blue flowers and forming a beautiful, colourful carpet.

Floralia Brussels

Imagine, a 12th century castle surrounded by one million budding flowers. That’s what happens each year at Groot-Bijgaarden Castle’s colorful flower show, Floralia.

Flower Carpet Brussels

What to do in Brussels? Admire the flower carpet on the Grand Pace! It is on display for an entire weekend, every two years. Expect 600,000 beautiful begonias covering the entire square. The floral wonder really comes into its own in this delightful Gothic setting.


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