Man, son dupe Delhi bizman, sell copper plate for Rs 1.43 crore with NASA pitch

The conmen used copper plates, fake Hazmat suits and other protective gear to conduct ‘tests’ to sound authentic.

Neighbourhood News Desk: Delhi businessman was allegedly duped of Rs 1.43 crore by a father-son duo, both motor mechanics, who promised to sell him a metallic plate claiming it had unique physical properties necessary for scientific research. Calling the copper plate a ‘rice puller’, the conmen told the businessman he could sell it to NASA for Rs 37,500 crore if it ‘tested’ positive for the special physical properties. Cheating happened on the pretext of arranging the testing procedure that included arranging special chemicals, calling foreign scientists and buying special Hazmat suits for them.

This isn’t the first time a fraud of this nature has been reported in India. Information on con jobs involving ‘rice puller’ is widely circulated on the internet. Latest case in Delhi, the father-son duo told their victims that the ‘rice puller’ plate could be charged by thunderbolt. Property gave it the power to attract rice grains and led to its demand at the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) as it could help generate energy. It was only after the victim in the latest case ended up paying Rs 1.43 crore in multiple installments that he realized he was being duped. He approached the police upon which the father-son duo was caught.


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