Google Maps is now like Pokémon Go

Google combines camera with Maps and Street View for better navigation.

Neighbourhood News Desk: Google made some pretty cool announcements on the first day of I/O 2018. A few major Google products have been accorded new AI-based features, such as enabling Assistant to make phone calls. Google also updated Maps with a nifty feature which uses your phone’s camera to make walking navigation easier. It has even made it Pokémon Go-like, with an animal acting as your guide.

Google aims to make navigating while walking easier by combining camera with Street View and Maps. With this, you can use your camera while walking and follow animated directions for navigation. The camera will reflect what’s around you, and show exactly where you are walking and which way to walk. ‘Just for fun’, Google has also added a guide companion in the form of an animal. An animated fox acts as your guide, running in front of you towards the direction you need to take. This feature reminds one of the augmented reality (AR) game Pokémon Go. It also augments a Pokémon on your phone, which looks quite like the animated guide on Google Maps.


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