Lenovo Z5 may be the true bezel-less phone everyone is waiting for

Lenovo Z5 comes with a 95% screen-to-body ratio

Neighbourhood Technology Desk: The term “bezel-less” is often used in the world of smartphones. Bezel-less phones are essentially those with higher screen-to-body ratio, giving the display more real estate on the front. A new wave of phones are coming with such aspect ratio, but most of them still have bezels or come with a notch on the top.

Lenovo is now looking to disrupt this aspect — with a phone that has an all-glass front. Vice-president Chang Cheng posted a teaser of an upcoming smartphone, dubbed as Lenovo Z5, on China’s social networking website, Weibo. The image shows a slim smartphone with an all-glass front and bare minimum bezels. The teaser also reveals a USB Type-C port at the bottom for the phone. Has also posted a partial image of the phone, claiming it has a whopping 95% screen-to-body ratio.


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