Stress signs and symptoms, watch out or it can fail your weight loss plans

Weight loss fail:  Higher stress equals higher cortisol which means a greater craving for junk food which leads to more belly fat.

Neighbourhood Lifestyle Desk: Busy lifestyles goes hand-in-hand with stress. And while stress is known to cause anxiety, headaches, insomnia, and exhaustion, among other things, it is also linked to weight gain. So, this may be the reason why you are not losing weight exercising and eating right. Nutrition and fitness consultant Munmun Ganeriwal says in times of stress, our body releases hormones such as cortisol.

Effect of stress over time

Persistent stress is even worse for your body and can cause abnormal sleep/eating patterns, and cause psychological distress. While acute stress leads to release of the hormone epinephrine (or adrenaline) which shuts down your appetite, chronic stress causes the release/elevated levels of cortisol which increases hunger and the desire to eat high-calorie foods. Studies also highlighted how stress affects people differently at different points of the day. And the worst effect is seen at night.

What to do

* Get good, sound sleep for at least 6-8 hours a day.

* Include adequate amounts of protein in your diet.

* Weight train at least twice a week. Try incorporating yoga and breathing exercises in your fitness routine.

* Eat within 15-20 minutes of waking up in the morning.


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