Rs 2,000 and a citation for Good Samaritans who take accident victims to hospital in Delhi

Anil Kumar Sharma, who took a road accident victim to hospital, poses for a picture in New Delhi.

Neighbourhood News Desk: Nearly 18 months after Delhi Cabinet’s approval, the ‘Good Samaritan scheme’ became operational 10 days ago introducing monetary benefits for those who come to the help of accident victims. The scheme was announced in August 2016 when a man had bled to death in Subhash Nagar after being hit by a tempo.

The Subhash Nagar incident highlighted that timely help from passersby could save lives as in the case of another accident victim SR Kataria who was lucky to have found help when he met a massive accident in north Delhi six months ago. The man who came to his help was another commuter Anil Sharma, a civil defence personnel, who was travelling in the bus that had hit Kataria’s car.The Delhi Cabinet approved the scheme in January 2017, and it finally became operational 10 days ago. People who help accident victims reach hospital will receive a reward of Rs 2,000 and a citation from the government.


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