How to lose weight naturally, say no to crash diets and more health tips

Weight loss tip: You only need to make small changes in your diet and lifestyle to lose weight.

Neighbourhood Health Desk: One Doesn’t need to go on a crash diet, or exercise for hours and hours to lose weight. Simple tweaks to our day-to-day lifestyle can also helps in lose weight in a sustained manner.

Research has shown that sudden weight loss is really bad for all, and can cause heart problems as well as gallstones. And as it turns out, even you can end up losing friends in the process. So, don’t take a shortcut in terms of your diet, and instead opt for some of these lifestyle changes instead:

Eat more often

Eat every two hours. It keeps the metabolism high and ensures steady energy levels.

Eat more fibre

Eating less of fibre-rich food and more processed food can make your blood sugar levels rise, which leads to greater insulin release than required. Having higher insulin levels for a longer period of time can lead to obesity.

Add good proteins to the diet

Proteins are the building blocks of our body. They help build muscle and lose fat.

Drink more water

Liquids can make one feel fuller for longer, boost metabolism and enhance weight loss.

Include complex carbohydrates in the diet

Foods such as millet, oats, barley, bran and brown rice have a lower glycaemic index value, which means they turn into sugar far more slowly as compared to simple carbs.




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