Delhi boy with a rare liver disease scores 88% in class 10 boards

Mrityunjay Pandey underwent a transplant surgery just before he joined class 10. What followed was a string of health issues over the year, but his indomitable spirit helped him to score well in Class 10 boards.

Neighbourhood News Desk: Diagnosed with a rare medical condition called biliary atresia when three months old; a liver transplant done at 14 — this and many more health issues form the background of the arduous journey of Delhi boy Mrityunjay Pandey, who scored a whopping 88% in the recently announced CBSE class 10 results.

Dr Anupam Sibal, paediatric gastroenterologist says that Mrityunjay was born with biliary atresia — a disease seen in one among 12,000 babies. In this condition, there is no connection between the liver and the intestine and the bile produced in the liver can’t go out, thereby damaging the liver. Mrityunjay says the fact that he was surrounded by well-wishers and friends, who continuously encouraged him, bolstered his courage.


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