Play it right: Setting up the ultimate gaming room

There should also be adequate distance between the TV, the gaming console, and the recliner or couch.

Neighbourhood Lifestyle Desk: If there’s one thing that bridges the generation gap between the old and the young, it’s their love for games. Be it a relaxing game of snooker, poker night with friends, or an intense virtual FIFA session, gaming rooms are the ideal way to de-stress and also bond with your friends. Here are some pointers:-

1)Space: Most important thing you need to keep in mind while designing your own gaming room is space. Your gaming room should be spacious enough to accommodate pool and poker tables, while having space to walk around.

2)Furniture: Purpose of creating a gaming room is relaxation. Therefore, comfort is a priority when it comes to choosing furniture. Recliners and bean bags are ideal for a gaming room as they support your back through the long gaming sessions.

3)Lighting: While designing your game room, make sure that it is not too bright. The lighting should be functional and stylish. Yellow lights work the best for a mellow ambience. Your pool and poker tables should be under the glow of task lighting. Avoid installing lights in front of your TV as the reflection of the lights on the screen would be a distraction.

4)Ventilation: Gaming consoles and computers produce a lot of heat. While planning your gaming room, ensure that there are enough windows and fans. Blasting the AC on the minimum temperature setting is not really the ideal way to deal with the heat.

5)Wiring: Unkempt wiring can be risky anywhere, and your gaming room is no exception. Besides the chance of tripping, loose wiring has the threat of short circuit, which may lead to a fire. Wires should always be under the carpet or behind the shelves. Opt for a high-quality extension cord; it’s tidier compared to wires spread throughout the room.

6)Soundproofing: Soundproofing your gaming room is a must if you don’t want to disturb your family or neighbours. One of the most popular ways to soundproof your gaming room is adding framing to your ceiling and walls. You can also use layers of insulation or dry walls to absorb the noise.

7)Keep the score: Where’s the fun without a little bit of competition between you and your mates? A scoreboard is a must. You can go for a colourful chalk board to add bit of pop to your room.


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