Couple duped ‘hundreds’ of men on dating app via fake accounts for 10 months

The dating app was allegedly being used to send friend requests to men, some of them were also offered “companionship” of women at their home.

Neighbourhood News Desk: Man and Woman, have been arrested After allegedly used a fake account on a dating app to dupe “hundreds” of young men of Rs 500-1,000, which resulted in a month-long hunt. Since the duo did not demand more than Rs 1,000 from any of their victims, there were no police complaints for nearly 10 months. Police have identified the male suspect as Chiranjeevi, a 29-year-old unemployed man and refused to reveal the identity of his 19-year-old woman friend. DCP said that he was paying the woman a daily salary of Rs 600 for trapping prospective victims.

E-wallets were used to seek the money from the victims, since they were linked to a bank account that was opened using fake documents. Five mobile phones and 11 SIM cards have been recovered from the suspects. Last month the crime came to light when a woman approached Amar Colony police station alleging that her photo was being used as the profile picture of a dating app without her permission. Police have then registered a case and looked for all possible links to the account that could lead to the suspects. It was the mobile phone number mentioned on the dating app account that provided the breakthrough. Chiranjeevi was then arrested last week and that led the police to his woman friend.


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