Here’s how you can stay awake while driving and avoid accidents

Snoozing behind the wheels? Here’s how you can stay awake.

Neighbourhood Lifestyle Desk: When driving long distances, especially at night, it is easy to feel tired and groggy. It is important to stay awake and alert when driving as even a small misjudgment could be fatal, not just for you but also your family. Here are some tips to keep in mind to avoid dozing off:

1) Don’t drive when sleep deprived: It is important to get behind the wheel after getting a good night’s rest. One can use a device called CPAP to improve sleep at night.

2) Avoid alcohol: Do not drive under the influence of alcohol as it can make you drowsy. Also, avoid drinking too much coffee or tea the night before the trip. This will interfere with your sleep, making you drowsy behind the wheels.

3) Avoid medicines: Some medicines can also induce drowsiness, especially cough medicine, epilepsy medication and some anti-allergy medicines. Be cautious of this and avoid them before a long drive.

4) Exercise and meal: Have a short exercise session before the drive. You can even add a healthy meal to help keep your sugar levels down.

5) Break your attention: When behind the wheel give your eyes a break.

6) Chewing gum: Chew on a gum, this will get the digestive system working and the brain is on a natural reflex to be up.

7)Take frequent breaks: At night take breaks, keep the lights in your car turned on and stay hydrated because the air conditioning can dehydrate the body.


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