Amazon holds its ‘biggest-ever’ 30-hour sale in July

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Neighbourhood Technology Desk: Amazon is turning the heat on its arch rival Walmart-Flipkart combine by integrating the Indian operations more tightly with its American headquarters for the upcoming Prime Day sale that is global flagship 30-hours sale event — When all Amazon operations across countries offer massive discounts to its subscription-based Prime shoppers.

Four top sellers at Amazon India said the sale, planned between July 7 and 15, will offer never-seen-before discounts, clearly to win away customers from Flipkart and to get more Prime memberships. It is expecting almost a month’s revenue in those 30 hours. Amazon India is also likely to debut its global tech-based trial room Prime Wardrobe in India on Prime Day sale where it will bring the fitting room directly to the customer doorstep so that they can try the fashion line before purchasing like in the US. Amazon India is already building up its stock pipeline for Prime Day sale.


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