Garbage Management


Photo Credit: Vivek Sharma


Neighbourhood News Desk/Simran Nijhawan: Management of garbage is very important in the residential area. If the garbage is not disposed of properly , it can affect the environment badly like air, water & soil. Like in the residential areas for example like Vasant Vihar, Shankar Vihar, Sonia Vihar, as you all can see in the above pictures that how the waste and garbage pollute the air and unhygienic problems to the people .

There are different types of method to get rid of waste:- recycling , landfill , sewage treatment , incineration , preparation  of compost and so on . People mostly approve the method of incineration which means reducing to ashes but from the the air get polluted and then there is only less amount of ash is left behind which can be disposed of by landfill. in the area called Sonia Vihar specially this problem of garbage management is increasing and even government is not taking any action against this after so many of complaints by the secretary of that area.



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