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Neighbourhood Lifestyle Desk/Simran Nijhawan: On June 20th CHICAGO,  there was a unacceptable behaviors which put the life of a people at risk in the lifestyle intervention of developing heart disease, colon & prostate etc in the north western university where the medical study found. They found 212 area adults in Chicago where there are 76 percent female, 59 percent minority, 69 percent college educated, with a mean age of 41 years old. All were suffering from many problems  like of low fruit  and vegetable and high fat intakes and high sedentary leisure screen time .

Participants were using smartphone app which was used for tracking the device and get to know about their activity and behavior which was judged by the coach who activate while while they were in a actions. A good participant was rewarded with an incentive of 5 U.S dollars per week for 12 weeks. Results showed that participants made so much of  improvements in their behavior  from the very beginning less than two servings of fruits and vegetables per day, they increased their intake by 6.5 servings per day.

Previous research found that healthy behavior change usually reverts once financial incentives cease. But this study stopped can’t get you the  financial incentive in the 12 weeks only, and participants still get positive results throughout the nine-month trial.

The study’s lead author Bonnie Spring, director of the Center for Behavior and Health in the Institute for Public Health and Medicine and professor of preventive medicine at NU Feinberg School of Medicine, attributed this to two features of the intervention.



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