Call centre staffer who delivered a stone instead of mobile phone caught

Image result for Call centre staffer who delivered a stone instead of mobile phone caught

Neighbourhood Technology Desk: Call centre employee was nabbed by cyber-crime cell of Vadodara city police for cheating a resident of Fatehpura by delivering him a stone instead of a mobile phone. Complainant Kshitij Chaudhary had ordered a mobile phone from an online shopping website few weeks back. But couple of days after placing the order, he cancelled it. However, one day later, the accused, (Harmit Mirchandani) reached his home with a parcel. Chaudhary refused to accept the parcel as he had cancelled the order, but Mirchandani told him that the order had been placed and he would have to accept the parcel.

Mirchandani left Chaudhary’s house after receiving Rs 10,000 cash as payment for the package. When Chaudhary opened the package, he found a stone inside instead of a mobile phone and then contacted the online retailer and approached the cyber-crime cell with a complaint. Police found out that Mirchandani, who works in the call centre managing the company’s customer service, learnt about Chaudhary’s order cancellation. To make a quick buck, he got a box of the online retailer and delivered it with a stone inside.


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