Save trees, Save lives

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Neighbourhood News Desk/ Simran Nijhawan: Delhi participates in chipko movement to save 14,000 trees from felling. The participants hugged the trees that are to be felled , tied green ribbons around the trees, symbolizing rakhis and shouted slogans. The game is ongoing between the Aam Aadmi party and The Union Govt. , more than 1,500 people participated chipko movement at sarojini nagar Sunday afternoon to save the trees. According to the verhaen khanna , an environmental activist and other organizers ‘they would not allow the tress to be felled , they said that just like the ‘chipko movement’ we would hug the trees, they carry placards with messages urging people and the government to save trees. From Monday, at least 10 volunteers will sit and spend the day at the same place at Sarojini Nagar where Sunday’s campaign was organised.

The Delhi-unit of BJP, on the other hand, blamed the AAP government for playing politics over trees when its own minister gave approval for tree felling. Managing director of NBCC Anoop Kumar Mittal in an interview to an agency, however, claimed that the number of trees slated to be cut is much lesser than what is being reported.


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