Redmi Note 5

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Neighbourhood Technology Desk/ Simran Nijhawan: Xiaomi has made official a new color option for its Redmi Note 5 smartphone, dubbed Flame Red. It is now available in a total of five color options, with the other four being Black, Gold, Rose Gold, Blue. This might be an overture to the introduction of Redmi 5 Plus as a Redmi Note 5 in the global markets. It is the first in the company portfolio to have 18:9 ratio screens.

Any camera-loving smartphone user would stick to the standard 4:3 ratio over the trendy one since the quality stays the same, but you get a bigger picture with more pixels. Another feature that might be annoying for some is the micro-USB port and the measly 10W charger included in the box. Videos are running on a different player, not the default one. It feels nice in hand, mostly due to its tall design. Texting one-handed is quite comfortable, especially when you have extra room for the keyboard. Xiaomi provides a transparent case with the retail package, but with a small nuisance – the camera still on the back protrudes a bit and you might have issues with it in the long run.


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