Students Protest against the Government

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Neighbourhood News Desk/ Simran Nijhawan: In one sentence, the men who run the country today: They have become the people they fought when they were young, They do not want today’s young people to know that. That is why we do not learn the history of protest. The new establishment wants young people to believe that protest is anti-national and anti-democratic.

On May 16, after the Karnataka assembly election, Amit Shah tweeted at his Congress counterpart that, the President of the congress doesn’t remember the glorious history of his party. Our national politics, and the BJP itself, were formed in the heat of anti-Congress protests we never learn much about in 2018. Arun Jaitley, India’s finance minister and the powerful person in the Modi cabinet described campus protests in India 2015 as an alliance of subversion. In December 1973, in Gujarat, students at the LD Engineering College in Ahmedabad began raising their voices over campus grievances, like canteen charges. In profiles of Arun Jaitley, however, the year 1974 usually goes missing. As he puts it, ‘It all began… in June 1975’, when he is teleported out of innocent student life straight into jail. Sharik Laliwal, an alumnus of King’s college London and Ahmedabad University, is an independent Scholar of the the history and politics of Gujrat.


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