Exploring the Development

Image result for kidwai nagar multi storey building

Neighbourhood News Desk/ Simran Nijhawan: For the people, life was simple yet beautiful when they lived in the two-storey buildings of the erstwhile East Kidwai Nagar colony, which is now being redeveloped into high-rises. The best part was that those who lives on the ground floor had access to a tiny green patch behind the house. colony roads were shaded with trees such as jamun, banyan, pilkhan and neem arching overhead,” people said. Today, the same location has 14-storey apartments which, due to ongoing construction, are visible between clouds of dust emanating from trucks and earth movers. It will also include office and commercial spaces.

The CAG also blamed the deputy conservator of forest (south) for not doing its part of compensatory tree plantation at East Kidwai Nagar between 2014 and 2017. It also said that the NBCC only planted 1,354 trees against the 8,165 required. These trees are neither native to Delhi nor will they help in improving air, experts said. Also, there should not be any problem with ornamental plants as they are what we admire in other world-class cities abroad.


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